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Codex Alimentarius: changing the foods you can eat

I just saw a web presentation about the upcoming Codex Alimentarius, international legislation that will legally constrain the distribution of certain important health information and free access to non-patentable natural medicines.

Food supplements and organic food will be legally limited and might even be forbidden. There are a lot of myths about the Codex Alimentarius on the internet, but this presentation gives a more level headed, scientific approach as the lecture is hosted by the Dutch Delf University of Technology.

Basically the Codex will limit which nutrients can be sold as food supplements and is stretching the limits of what can be called organic food. Also it is presented that there are studies that show that organic farming yields just as good or better harvests and more nutritional foods than conventional farming and that these studies are ignored.

Check out the presentation here.

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  1. CieAura said on August 26th, 2010 at 8:15 am:

    The idea is good but Im worried on how they will execute it.

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