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Nicotine creates cancer causing substance

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Nicotine is not only addictive, but also dangerous for your health. American researchers have discovered that nicotine creates carcinogenic substances.

This is shown by research done in collaboration with the University of California.

When smoking a cigarette nicotine is released in the form of vapor. This vapor attaches itself to surfaces of furniture, carpets, clothing and human skin and can stay there for months.

When the nicotine residue reacts with a substance called hydrogen nitrite, which is often present in buildings, carcinogenic substances are formed.

Fake electronic cigarettes and extinguished cigarettes are also dangerous because of this. Fake cigarettes were thought of as harmless because they only spread nicotine and not the toxic tar.

Exposure to the carcinogenic substances happens primarily by breathing it in or through skin contact with clothes or carpets that are covered with nicotine.

The researches suspects that ‘third hand’ smoke is the most dangerous for little children.

Smoking outside doesn’t make much difference. The nicotine attaches itself to clothes and skin and can be brought inside this way.

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  1. sleep dentistry said on February 26th, 2010 at 12:39 pm:

    Yes, I agree, Nicotine is totally a dangerous thing, either taking it actively or passively, it causes a slow death. Even electronic or any other type of cigarettes cannot prevent from damages.

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