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Coffee before exercising can reduce muscle pain

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Do you have a lot of muscle pains after working out? Take a cup of coffee before starting your exercise and you will suffer less from muscle ache afterwards.

This is the result of a recent study done by Robert Motl at the University of Illinois. The researcher discovered that the caffeine in coffee blocks certain pain signals to the brain making you not feel the pain.

The researcher conducted a seven year study into the relation between caffeine and bodily pain. During the research he discovered that caffeine influences a part of the brain that deals in processing pain.

Professor Motl thinks that his research can help people. Also those who do not do much sports, but do want to start. According to Motl a lot of people who start exercising are discouraged by the idea that they will get muscle ache after exercising. He hopes that more people will start exercising if they know they will get less muscle pain.

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