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Fresh brew coffee machines bad for cholesterol levels

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In coffee there is a substance called cafestol that naturally occurres in coffee beans. Is has been known for quite some time that cafestol increases cholesterol levels and thus increases the risk of a heart attack. At home people mostly drink filter coffee. Filtered coffee contains a lot less cafestol than coffee from fresh brew machines, which are often found in the workplace. These machines grind the coffee on demand and the coffee is often only coarsely filtered.

The dutch consumer organization tested 12 fresh brew coffee machines. Some machines, like the Autobar Valencia and the Bremer Via, produced cups of coffee with 1.9 mg of cafestol. Drinking five cups of coffee from these machines is equal to eating 5 slices of bread with full fat butter in terms of danger for your cholesterol levels. Other fresh brew machines, like the Vicenza, produced coffee with only 0,2 mg of cafestol, which is significantly lower.

If you drink 5 cups of coffee daily from the ‘bad’ machines for half a year or longer, you can increase your cholesterol with as much as 2 percent. The chance of a heart attack increases then by 4.4 percent. So check from which machine you drink your fresh brew coffee.

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